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Smocking a timeless trend

Posted on February 06 2020

 Smocking is an old type of embroidery technique, which is used to gather the fabric to make stretchable garments. It is unclear the origins of Smocking.


Smocked Dresses


However, it was in England where it was introduced to make fit and flexible garments for men enabling them to work freely. Later on, it was adopted by ladies in a modified form to make fancy dresses. In the early days, it was done in silk or cotton threads. The areas of clothing that were commonly smocked were chest, cuffs, collars and waist areas of the outfits. 

As time passed on, hand smocked dresses for little girls become the status symbol. Later on, with the machine revolution, machine smocking started to become popular but never replaced a hand smocked garment. 

 Originally the smocking was of geometric design only. 

Hand Smocked Dresses for Little Girls

Smocking was embellished with bullion stitch flowers and that was in vogue in Europe and still is the trend in England and USA. Smocking denotes a traditional elegant children outfit for a special occasion.

Smocked Dresses USA

The trend for smock baby dresses came to the USA and then someone in America invented and introduced picture smoking. This is very intricate work, creating a character or a children's story theme as a form of embroidery on the pleated garment. Picture smocked dresses are more casual, and have become a trend in the USA and internationally where the child can still look well-dressed but casual.

Marco & Lizzy/Little Threads take pride in every garment sold. Our company is known for manufacturing fine children's clothing where you can find hand smocked dresses, baby layettes consisting of footie, day gowns, converters, bibs hats, romper, and overalls.

Hand Smocked Baby Dresses

In addition, we use smocking for first communion, baby baptism gown, and party dresses. These garments are made from the finest materials in the world, including Pima cotton, fine European fabrics, such as Liberty of London, seersuckers, ginghams, and the finest silk shantung thus creating that special garment for your little ones. 

Baby Party Dresses

When you think of hand smocked girls dresses think;, and visit us today to buy the best and classic baby clothing.



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