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Planning your baby’s Wardrobe?

Posted on January 31 2020

Having a baby is one of the happiest moments in every family life, but when it comes down to plan the baby’s wardrobe is a fun task for a young mom to welcome her newborn baby. From the first outfit that the baby will wear as “take me home” gown or converter gown, baby hat and receiving blanket to those little hand smocked dresses, baby girl rompers, overalls, footies, bibs, etc., for the early months of a baby’s life.

Baby Wardrobe

As a designer of Baby Threads, keeping in mind the comfort of the baby was foremost, not forgetting the quality and workmanship of every garment to create a classic baby line where we are offering the baby essentials to create the perfect baby wardrobe. We started looking for choices of materials to manufacture baby garments, we thought in Pima cotton.

Pima Cotton Baby Garments

Pima Cotton is cultivated in Peru and is the smoothest and finest cotton of the world. That’s why it is also called “King of cotton Because of its extraordinary smoothness and brightness, it has been proven to be the best cotton in the world that gives to your newborn baby all the comfort they need.

Pima Cotton is used to make comfortable and classic clothes for children like footies, converters, daygowns, rompers, bibs, hand smocked baby girls dresses or baby rompers and much more. It produces unique sensations of comfort when it comes in contact with the baby’s skin. Because of its lightweight. Pima cotton fabric is very popular for making spring and summer seasons outfits.

Our classic designs and unique qualities of Pima cotton create our classic range of hand smocked dresses for baby girl and hand smocked rompers and overall sets for baby boys, and beautiful footies as baby sleepwear.

If you are looking for that special newborn baby gifts? Why not order a baby gift basket, filled with all the first essentials for a newborn baby, like Blankets, bibs hats, footies, converters, daygowns, hand smocked dresses, or baby boy rompers.

Baby Gift Basket

You can not go wrong with such a beautiful gift for newborn baby girl, with all the essentials of a newborn baby, enough to make happy a new mommy.



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