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How to keep your children busy this summer

Posted on July 10 2020

This summer is not like the previous ones. The kids have been home since March this year with home schooling. That means that parents have been with their children 24/7 due to the Pandemic.

Many parents must work from home which has been a challenge to keep the children on track, while they are busy working and the kids are online home schooling.

Now, the Summer has arrived, and kids are out of online classes which make for parents more challenging to keep them busy. They must get creative how to entertain their children to spend the summer.

Here are some ideas how to keep this summer your kids entertain:

- Puzzles:

They can keep your children entertained for hours. These are good for training their minds. The children will develop problem-solved skills as boosting logical reasoning.

- Decorating the children’s Bedroom:

This is a particularly good project for girls 6-12 years old. At that age they have a defined personality and is a good project. Decorating can develop their taste and artistic ability, their room is their space- sanctuary. With this project you can set up some time during the day, and let the kids make a list of things they like to have in their bedroom, give them a notebook and let them choose the colours of the walls, pick up the theme of the room, show them several choices this project can keep them busy, planning their room.

- Book Club:

Encourage your children to read a proper book for their ages. Encourage them to connect with their friends over Zoom and discuss the book. This will keep them in contact with their friends and will encourage them to read and develop social skills.

Encourage your children to read a book

- Make Holiday Greeting cards:

Let the children develop their imagination making Thanksgiving, birthday or Holiday cards. They can start making a list of people your family and friends you will be sending the cards on each special occasion. This is a great project that will develop their artistic side. They can even make their own envelops.

1. Spend time with your children:

This time is good as you get to spend the quality time with your family. Talk to your children, tell them jokes and stories and teach them to stay positive.

Spend time with your children

2. Find a virtual summer camps:

With the Pandemic, a new trend has come out: Virtual Summer Camps, They offer online training for various hobbies such as sports, drawing painting, playing musical instruments, learning a new language and a lot more. This is really a good idea for parents who like to have an instructor for their children schedule activities daily.

3. Order online some crafts kits sets:

There is a big variety on the marketplace with different projects, from sewing, wood working, art, jewel making, Legos, etc.

4. Dress the kids for the Season:

Even though, the children are staying home in the summer, is always nice to dress the children with the last trends of summer fashion, like a baby rompers, overalls, sundresses, bishops, shorts set for boys and girls. Not forgetting to get a bathing suit for the children to get into the pool, or simply to have a shower in the yard by the hose and play to be a firemen. New clothes will make them feel important and special.

Dress the kids for the Season
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