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How to wash baby clothes?

Posted on July 20 2020

Baby skin is quite sensitive and can easily be affected by the following list. In addition, you may see rashes on the infant's body, apart from Nappy rashes. It can be due to the side effects of the detergent, which you may be using to wash your baby's clothes. It is a good idea to wash your new baby clothes before dressing him/her in their outfit.

Wash your baby clothes

DO you know that baby clothes and toys carry germs? Even if they are germ free, they can acquire them while being washed with other garments. Baby skin is quite sensitive and can easily get affected by the following list of things. Further, you might see rashes on the infant's body, apart from Nappy rashes. It can be due to the side effects of the detergent, which you might be using to wash your baby's clothes

Being a parent, you want to give him or her a germ-free atmosphere.  You will be disappointed if your baby gets an infection, because their clothes were not washed properly, due to the detergent you are using. If you think that this is another worry added in the list for new moms then relax a little. In this article, we will help you to understand about washing children clothing and the best detergent that will help you in maintaining your little one’s clothes hygiene.

wash baby clothes

When and how you should wash your baby clothes

Your baby may be small in size, but he or she will have a mountain of clothes in a short space of time. Therefore it would be appropriate to wash them before using them for the first time. This will help remove any dust or any unwanted substances that can irritate your baby's delicate skin. Some parents prefer non-biological detergents to wash baby’s clothes. On the other hand, biological detergents include enzymes that help to remove dirt stains, but these enzymes might irritate the baby's skin. However, there isn't much evidence about this, but if you want to play it safe, use gentle fabric softener in this task.

Clean your baby's clothes

Your baby’s skin is sensitive and may be easily prone to allergies. Then it is probably best to switch to a baby specific detergent as they are formulated for baby’ skin.

Now you must be thinking there are so many baby detergents in the market how will choose the perfect cleanser for you baby's clothes? Don't worry as Little Threads, Inc. is here for your support.

Being a new parent, you might not be familiar with some facts, which might cause a reverse impact on your baby's health and skin. Therefore we recommend you wash the new garment before your baby wears it. For this, we are supporting a special detergent that is very soft and does not contain harsh chemicals that cause skin irritation. It will keep the softness of the material and clothes will look new even after washing. This detergent is called Dreft. It is gentle on the fabrics of babyhood. Mums have trusted it for over 80 years, and one of the pediatricians recommended this baby detergent.

Dreft Detergent

Further, according to the growing requirement of your baby has been providing detergent in several categories, laundry Aids, sent booster, household products, and others. Its primary aim is to present clean and soft clothes, which will be smooth to baby skin without causing allergies. If you want to buy the best and softest baby clothes, then rely on Little Thread. Pima cotton is considered to be the softest cotton and it is also breathable. Pima cotton is used in the manufacturing of Little Threads baby girls rompers.



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