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Easter Sunday children fashion and traditions

Posted on March 19 2020

Easter Sunday is one of the biggest holidays for the Christian faith, Is the celebration of Jesus Christ resurrection, three days after his crucifixion. Is been said that Germans who arrived to Pennsylvania brought their traditions, of laying out the eggs on a nest called “hosterhase” American people embraced that tradition, changing the nest for a basket that had to be filled with Egg chocolate candy by the children on an egg hunting Is been a wonderful tradition that children look forward for Easter Day.

Easter Sunday Children Fashion and Traditions

Easter Sunday, is a tradition to dress the children with the best Spring outfit. Smocked Dresses for little girls, smocked baby rompers, and smocked baby boys overalls are very popular for this holiday, they have been embroidered with Easter bunnies, and Egg baskets, or representing the season with Floral Spring dresses, making big sister- little sister, or brother and sister children Easter outfits. We cannot forget the newborns, they still can be dressed for Easter, but we prefer to dress them the first months with fine Pima cotton baby Easter outfits, We take pride in dressing our children with fine traditional children clothing for Easter Sunday.
Traditional Christian faith starts the day celebrating with mass or gathering in a place of worship, followed by an Easter Brunch or Lunch, where family and friends get together to celebrate Easter. A beautiful tradition for this time of the year.



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