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Order wholesale from Marco & Lizzy :

Welcome to Little Threads Inc., The parent company of our brands Marco & Lizzy and Baby Threads.
To become a retailer: Send us an email to   with the following information:
    A. Name and address of your store
    B. Years in Business
    C. Lines you are currently carrying.
    Once we have that information we will send you the link to see our wholesale catalog.
    Our minimums for Wholesale:
      1. $600.00 per line ( Marco & Lizzy or (and) Baby Threads
      2. Marco & Lizzy has to buy a full size run ( minimum 3 outfits per run)
      3. Baby Threads minimum pc per style 3 in outfits and 2 per style in baby accessories ( blankets, hats, bibs)

      Our Sales Reps:

      South East:

      Stokes for Kids

      Atlanta Mart

      75 John Portman Blvd Atlanta Mart Suite 13S 114

      Atlanta, GA 30303

      Shari Henderson Stokes


      South West

      Burnett- Carroll

      Cheryl Burnet

      Dallas Mart

      2050 N Stemmons Freeway Suite 8644

      Dallas, TX 75207


      NY and NJ area:

      David Lefelstein


            Cell 347 439 2825


      Order wholesale from Baby Threads: