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Smocking: Dress Your Child In A Unique Style With Traditional Patterns

Posted on January 17 2020

Dressing your children is not an easy task. With new trends and fashion accessories for kids by your side, it’s a little bit confusing while selecting a perfect outfit for your little one. Trends are emerging each season so as the collections that differ greatly. Little Threads Inc. is offering a wide variety of clothing options for several special occasions like baby showers, birthdays, Christmas, Easter and so on to get a dress for your kid. We are proactive in our ability to create dresses that provide a “wow” look as well as comfortable solutions at a time. There is a large demand for specialty items for boys as well but people never agree to pay the same price for boy's clothes.

There is a large demand for hand smocked baby dresses for newborns, toddlers, and infant's clothing. Smocking is an ideal choice for baby clothing as it takes the fit of the body and gives an elegant look to the dress. As it can stretch and fit the growing baby, Smocking also provides maximum levy to the baby move, twist to have their baby fun keeping the baby comfortable all the time he/she wears it.  

Smocked baby clothing has become a favorite among parents as the style can be done wherever it is required whether on the girl’s dress or boy’s pants. At Little Threads Inc we mostly manually tailored smocking dresses to give original and eye-catching patterns. The style never goes out of fashion and will look as beautiful and delightful each time you dress your kid. There are various styles and types of smoking patterns that we use on the fabric for a great look at your kid's clothing.

Types of Smocking Patterns 

  • Counterchange Smocking
  • Canadian Smocking
  • Italian Smocking
  • Picture Smocking
  • English Smocking

    Designing children’s smocked clothes is a labor-intensive task. If you think your child should stand out of the crowd, then smocking is certainly something you must consider. Little Threads Inc is producing handmade smocked children’s clothing to add a wow factor to the appearance of your child. The best part of getting a smocked dress for your child is that you can get a customized design or pattern. Apart from this, you can buy a dress with a fraction of smocking or a complete smocked dress according to your choice. 

    If you want to dress your child in a traditional outfit, Hand smocked dress is a better choice. A lovely heirloom smocked outfit is exquisite and timeless that will make lasting memories and beautiful photographic memento.



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