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Importance of wearing a mask on this Pandemic

Posted on June 26 2020

These days if you want to go out into public, then you will see a large majority of people wearing face masks to prevent the community spread of coronavirus.

Sanitizers, face masks, and other personal protective equipment and items were difficult to come by in the last few months, however, with little innovation, people have commissioned hand-sewn cloth masks and have made some for themselves.

Before we get into details of cloth face mask, it is essential to know how face masks prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Liberty Of London Children Face Masks

Liberty Of London Children Face Masks

COVID-19 primarily spread through respiratory droplets expelled through sneezing, coughing, and even speaking. Therefore face mask is essential; it acts as a barrier between droplets and the surface. It blocks the droplets from landing or projecting outwards on vulnerable areas of the face.

According to the Centers for disease control and prevention, these droplets can land in the nose or mouth of people who are nearby or possibly inhaled into the lungs, which lead to the infection.

Which type of face mask is the best for your protection?

According to the experts, face masks are an effective way to keep you safe from spreading COVID-19, but all the masks which are available in the market are created equal.

Floral Mask for Little Girls

Floral Mask for Little Girls

However, among all the best types of masks include respirators- like certified N99, N95, N100, or P100 mask. But these masks are best reserved for the healthcare provider who has direct contact with patients suffering from COVID-19. This fact is known to all, but still, some health care professionals are struggling to find these appropriate protection measures. Aside from the proper fitting surgical masks, homemade cloth masks can also be significantly slow and decrease the transmission of viruses.

Who should wear a mask?

The CDC says that everyone should wear a cloth face mask in any situation when they out of their place as we all know the fact that in many conditions, it seems to be difficult to maintain physical distancing, especially going to the pharmacy, public trail or grocery store. However, this doesn’t apply to children younger than two years or people who already have breathing difficulties; in such cases, face-covering can even cause more harm than good.

Which type of mask should one wear?

The CDC recommends ordinary people to use cloth face covering, not N-95 respirators or surgical masks. The latter is the critical medical supplies that should be reserved for the first responders and health care workers.

Are the face cloth masks effective?

Grey Liberty of London Print Mask

Grey Liberty of London Print Mask

COVID-19 is spread through water droplets, though cloth face masks aren’t 100% effective but certainly act as a barrier to reduce the distance droplets travel.  Imagine how far water droplets from sneeze travel if it is covered, then you can determine how a cloth mask would be helpful to limit the spread.

It is vital to note though cloth masks will not protect you from inhaling the virus but can help you to stop spreading it. Because not every infected person needs to have virus symptoms, many a time’s people are asymptomatic. By adding an extra layer of precaution, you could stop people from spreading it unknowingly.

How can littlethreadsinc help you in this process?

At littlethreadsinc, we have cloth face masks for adults as well as children made with Tana Lawn fabric, 100% cotton. The legendary house makes the fabric of Libery of London; they are known for unique prints that are recognized all over the world. So if you want to buy a facemask then you can shop from our store.



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