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Eight Capricorn Clothing Styles for Your Baby Boy

Posted on December 20 2022

We’re soon entering the Capricorn month, which is from December 22 to January 19. If you have a Capricorn baby, you’ve hit the jackpot. Your child is going to be motivated, ambitious, and will naturally gravitate towards super leadership qualities.

In that case, you want your baby to look goal-driven, just the way he feels. In today’s blog, we’re here to talk about these eight clothing items that will make your Capricorn baby boy shine brighter.

Eight Capricorn clothing styles for your baby boy

Check out these eight baby girl clothing styles for your baby. 

1. Seersucker Green Boy’s Overall – Just like the reliability of a Capricorn, this overall comes with pockets on each side. It’s also the perfect choice for monogramming your baby’s name on it. 

2. Baby boy’s blue hand-smocked converter – This 100% Pima Cotton convertor will give your baby boy comfort like no other. It has snap buttons down the front so you can easily unbutton for a quick diaper change. 

3. Baby boy’s blue hand smocked hat – Just like a Capricorn takes calculated steps to ensure they are protected from the world, so does this cute cotton hat. As the name suggests, it is hand smocked and provides the gentle comfort every baby needs. 

4. Baby Boy's Blue and White Argyle Short Set – This amazingly cute outfit clearly evokes the personality of a Capricorn boy. Stylish and sophisticated dashing with a unique pattern designed on the chest area. This attire is snap-buttoned, and has a collar to complete the look. 

5. ABC Blocks Boy Converter – The two sides to a Capricorn will be dependability and practicality. This ABC blocks convertor has a distinct design blended with blue and white. It is available in a few sizes that you can choose when you buy this clothing for your baby boy. 

6. Baby Boy's Safari Converter – And finally, the best was saved for the last with this safari converter. If you haven’t checked this design yet, you’re missing out. Your baby boy will look adorable in this attire with stripe-patterned sleeves and pockets. Of course, it’s 100% Pima Cotton designed with a cute monkey and Giraffe cartoon. With a combination of light and slightly darker shade of blue, this outfit is a true-blue safari suit that will make your baby the cutest to look at! 

7. ABC Blocks Baby Blanket – This blanket will be a cute addition to your baby boy’s closet. Firstly, Capricorns love a sense of security and safety, which this blanket is designed to have your baby experience. This blanket has cute designs of ABC on it along with an image of blocks and a little riding horse. 

8. Nautical Swim Trunks – Get your son this cute baby swim suit which has a vibrant tone to its design. It’s made from 100% polyester fabric and is easy to fit onto your baby. 

You can get more Capricorn styled clothing in boy’s boutique clothes as well. Don’t forget to place your order today, and have a fun-filled Christmas.



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