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Best Clothing Styles and Design is what separates your baby from the rest

Posted on April 25 2022

Having a baby is one of the biggest milestones on any family’s life.

The first years of your baby’s life you are in control of how to dress your baby. One of our clothing lines: Baby Threads it is made with fine Peruvian Pima cotton, the perfect material on the first months of your baby’s life. It is very soft and breathable, Baby Threads has a big variety of fine comfy baby clothes not only will make your baby feel comfortable, from day gowns  a big variety of “ take me Home” or the fist outfit to welcome the baby home, along  with a baby hat, an a baby blanket. Or precious footies and converters, baby bibs for those early months that the baby is mostly sleeping.

Baby Threads also have baby play clothes: baby rompers, baby dresses, sunsuits, start are very appropriate when you start taking the baby to the park and like to be comfy but well dressed.

Our company Little Threads, is the parent company behind our baby line; Baby Threads and Marco & Lizzy who bring a solution and help the parents to teach their children from the very young age, to appreciate quality, design and comfort that shapes the taste of your child.  


Best clothing styles and designs for your little ones.

Here is a guide of clothes to include in your baby's wardrobe.



Rompers are very popular, easy to wear and easy for changing diapers, with snaps on the crotch.

Baby Threads and Marco & Lizzy have a big variety of baby rompers from 3- 24mts.

They are stylish and comfortable for the daily use of your baby.

It is a very nice baby gift for the first 24 moths of the baby life.



Baby Threads, specialist on Pima cotton baby dresses, that have been designed for the comfort of the first years of your baby life.  We have mentioned before that Pima cotton is very soft and comfortable, not forgetting the design that will make your baby dress with classic baby clothes.

Marco & Lizzy introduced this spring Blair, Hydrangea and Easter eggs collection, which has been a great hit with moms to dress their little baby girls and girls.

Marco & Lizzy specialist on finding the best fabrics and design to dress the children for any season,  with a big selection of materials from Liberty of London, many European cottons, seersuckers, fine Pima cotton knits to make your child stylish and comfortable for any occasion.


Shorts set

There is hardly anything cuter than your baby dressed in cute short pants and a t-shirt. Short sets are available for both boys and girls. They come in many designs and themes. Denim shorts lead in the outdoor collection, while well-dyed cotton shorts are the most preferred daily wear.



Jammies are a go-to comfort cloth option irrespective of age. They are soft, comfortable, light, and breathable. They are usually made of subtle colors and cute prints, which adds comfort. Baby jammies have little cartoons or animals or chocolate designs on them. 



Vintage designed

Vintage-designed classic baby clothes are one of the best designs at Marco & Lizzy. We provide the best vintage designs on high-quality garments, so the baby feels comfortable wearing them even for long hours. Anabelle-themed designs and the multilayered princess dresses are some of the best-sellers of our vintage collection.

Vintage Baby Clothing


Monogram clothing

Monogram baby clothing are baby clothes with designed letters on them. The letters usually are selected to represent the initials of the baby's or the significant relative's initial combined.


Marco & Lizzy provide customized clothing options in the form of monograms. The monogram baby clothing is the latest design update and is customized with clothes like onesies, baby rompers, jammies, t-shirts. The letters are available in various fonts and themes. We have over eight great font designs and types to choose from in our collection.


Now that you have the list of baby clothing styles, don't wait any longer. Visit our online store and spice up your baby's collection.




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