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This is just the beginning

For some long time, I have been dreaming of opening  a sample room in our office and bring back work to the US. Well, finally that is happening...

It took me a wile to find a sample maker who can sew well with our standard,  we hire her in Summer time  to  make part of  our Spring and Summer collection. I,( myself,) took paper, pencil and scissors and started making patterns to create our samples. I am not a real pattern maker, but being in the industry for so many years I have learn a lot about everything and I am able to make a good pattern, so  few weeks later we were ready to start a new season and present our first creations made in USA!

After we finished our samples, The season has started and I had no choice other than being  in another area of the business that needs my attention and  the seamstress who happen to know also about pattern making she is doing patterns and samples at the same time. 

Now we are in the process of looking for small factories who can make our production with our standards, . We are thrilled with the idea that we can bring work to USA, I know seams a small project but is just the beginning, and we are contributing with a little grain that in the long run means a lot. The beginning is a little scary, manufacturing is very complicated, a garment has so many components and dealing with multiples styles needs a lot of attention. But I am sure we will make it.!


 Maria Marcus